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The news today that the Tech Industry is working with law enforcement agencies under the new Government initiative to crack down on illegal and inappropriate activity on the ‘dark side’ of the web is to be welcomed according to Colin Tankard, Managing Director, Digital Pathways.

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Info Security Magazine publish our opinion on Tor

A journalist seeking to expose corruption or criminal activity uses Tor to protect their sources and to ensure they are not being monitored. The refugee or activist turns to the dark web to fight against oppression and tyranny, knowing they have a degree of protection from their oppressors.

But so does the drug dealer, the people trafficker, the pedophile, the money launderer and the terrorist seeking to hide their activities. And it seems there isn’t much we can do about it.

An encrypted and closed network like Tor has become a challenging conundrum. Set up with good intentions, it has become a haven for those criminals, hackers and terrorists.

Yet any talk of regulating Tor and the dark web undermines two of the founding principles of the World Wide Web: freedom and privacy. Granted those principles seem far removed from the highly commercial web that has evolved, but they still exist and they remain important.

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