Are you scared of the dark?

“The websites that operate on the dark web don’t look like the sort of thing you might normally access online, according to Colin Tankard, managing director at cyber-security consultancy Digital Pathways.”

Online Safety Special

Most teachers will have heard of it – and probably associate it with criminal activity – but, asks Simon Creasey, is the dark web really something that teachers need to worry about?

What do you know about the dark web? Most teachers will have at least heard of it. They’ve been told that it is a place to buy illegal items such as guns and drugs, as well as a means of accessing all kinds of nefarious banned imagery and information, from child pornography to terrorist training manuals.

But despite the fact that awareness of the phrase “dark web” is widespread, few teachers actually know what it is, how it operates or – most worryingly – how many of their students might be accessing it. So what do they need to know?

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