BYOE: New kid on the block

The cloud has opened up incredible opportunities and efficiency for businesses. However, with these opportunities there is also an increase in security risks. How can you be sure your data is safe in the cloud?

traditional ways of protecting data, such as passwords, firewalls and other defensive strategies are no longer enough. For greater protection, encryption protects your data from being accessed by anyone without the corresponding key.

Cloud service and storage providers have been keen to demonstrate their commitment  to securing their customers’ data. This is why many offer cloud encryption as part of their service.

However, it is not just news of major breaches that have made companies think again about entrusting their cloud provider to manage their data security. Regulations that require closer control over who can see the data and where it resides, plus national defence rules such as the Patriot Act, which could require a service provider to hand over data without notice to the data owner, have all had an effect. Whether the data is encrypted or not, the service provider would have to hand over the keys, thus removing any value provided by the encryption.

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