Securing email is essential

Colin Tankard, Managing Director, Digital Pathways, examines why email is now such an essential communications and collaboration tool for both employees and consumers

According to the Radicati Group, there are currently more than 3.7 billion people using email on a worldwide basis, which it estimates will grow to more than 4.1 billion by the end of 2021. Part of this growth is anticipated to come from the migration of premise-based mailboxes to those based in the cloud.

The development of email was a revolution in communications. As a result, email has become the single most used application for the typical corporate user and is the primary method for sending information in and out of an organisation.securing Read more

European Move to Increase Liability of Online Platforms

Proposed new European regulations seek to place an unprecedented onus on online platforms to detect copyright infringements.

The move comes as part of wider consultations on the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy.

What is being proposed?

Article 13 of the proposed directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market addresses the use of protected content by online services. Should the regulations go ahead, online service providers, which host and make large amounts of user-uploaded work available, will have greater responsibility for monitoring and filtering this content. This would affect ISPs, social media sites, and other hosting and sharing platforms. Read more

Content filtering a potential challenge in digital single market

The proposed digital single market directive is intended to harmonise e-commerce and copyright throughout the European Union, but concerns have been raised over the technological impact this would have on UK industry

Cloud storage providers often use encryption to protect their users’ content, which could hinder content filtering. “Dropbox and other cloud storage providers talk about their content being encrypted as it is going into store,” says Colin Tankard, managing director of Digital Pathways. “So the ability to actually scan that content for any licence infringement becomes impossible.” Read more