About Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways has over 20 years experience in the area of data protection. We are specialists in the design, implementation and management of systems that ensure the security of all data whether at rest within the network, mobile device or storage or indeed data in transit across public or private networks.
Our methodology is to assess the clients’ business needs and match the appropriate security to meet the business or regulatory requirements challenging the client. Often this necessitates a change in business process or modification to existing systems, rather than new technology, which the Digital Pathways team of experienced consultants can help guide the process.

Company Focus
Since 1997 we have provided structured secure solutions for many leading companies from banks, finance and manufacturing, together with health authorities, central and local government who have relied on Digital Pathways to protect their organisations.
We specialise in the design, implementation and management of systems that ensure the security of all corporate data.

Our systems satisfy the user’s requirements for:

• transparency and ease of use
• the directors legal and business requirements
• auditors over compliancy
• the business with the assurance and confidence in their organisation’s infrastructure is secure.

Digital Pathways provides expertise, knowledge, time, and enthusiasm to ensure that you really do achieve the productivity benefits that an effective security system can bring.

Our solutions are industry proven, they are the best that are commercially available, and they are effective, reliable, and cost-effective both to implement and support.
Our abilities are fully proven, our skill base is exceptionally broad and our enthusiasm is abundant.

Digital Pathways really does have the answer to your remote and mobile computing security problems – we enjoy working with our customers to provide systems tailored to meet the demands that their businesses face!

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