PINgrid is a revolutionary authentication technology that takes advantage of the human ability to remember patterns and shapes. Through the use of patterns, PINgrid is able to ensure that secret information is kept in your head and can’t be compromised. The result is a highly secure yet simple-to-use authentication and transaction verification system which removes the need for users to carry dedicated hardware tokens or remember multiple passwords or PINs.

PINgrid uses pattern recognition in a grid to produce a One Time Code. All the user needs to remember is a pattern of squares on a grid instead of a PIN or Password; which is much easier to do as most people are visually orientated. The user can change their pattern at any time and the size of the pattern is designated by the central server so the complexity can be controlled by the organisation.

When a user needs to logon they are presented with a challenge grid containing seemingly random numbers. They then mentally overlay their pattern onto the grid and type the numbers inside each corresponding square to produce a code. Each time they logon the numbers are different which creates a new One Time Code, even though the pattern stays the same. The fusing of a challenge grid (something you have) with a pattern (something you know) to produce a One Time Code is a one way process which can’t be reversed into its separate elements.

A key part of PINgrid security is that the pattern is not revealed during a logon as it stays in the users head. This is in contrast to traditional Two Factor Authentication where typically a four digit PIN is typed in during every logon; and worse still it is usually never changed!

PINgrid is available as 1.5 and 2 Factor Authentication options. 2FA requires the grid to be displayed on a separate device such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop whereas with 1.5FA the grid can be displayed on the same device as the logon prompt.

The application for mobile devices can be downloaded for free at all popular App Stores with each user being able to register up to 10 devices for authentication to the central server.

If you would like more information on the PINgrid solution please click below to download our datasheets.

Grid Pattern Authentication Datasheet

Industry Standard 2 Factor Authentication Datasheet

Random Character Authentication Datasheet

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