Winner of the Innovation Award 2015

Digital Pathways are proud to announce that we have won the Business Innovation Award at the recent Heart 4 Harlow Business & Community Awards in partnership with the Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 8th October at the Manor Groves Hotel.

Our presentation in September to the judges showed how we had identified a gap in the data security market and as such we had developed our solution nCrypt, which is our Data Encryption Managed Service Solution.

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The security dangers of home networks

Computer Weekly

Most companies take reasonable steps to protect their networks from virus attacks, but one area of vulnerability that is often overlooked is infection from employees’ home networks

The risk of malware infection from employees’ home networks is real and should not be overlooked.

This is illustrated by the example of a small company that was infected by the Sircam virus a few years ago. It was easily done when an employee took his laptop home to continue working.

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“Keep calm and carry on” is not an option

Attitudes to data security must change if businesses are to guard against cyber attacks, writes Colin Tankard

The headlines may be about cyber war and digital Armageddon, but cyber attacks affecting businesses of all sizes and are on the increase. Criminals know that electronic crime offers fast returns, with a much-reduced chance of being caught. The growth in cyber crime coincides with the explosion in the number of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Meanwhile, social media and the web have become integral parts of life.

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The security issues of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) was first envisaged in the last century, but interest has picked up in the past 15 years or so. It is a vision whereby potentially billions of ‘things’ – such as smart devices and sensors – are interconnected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by Internet or other IP-based connectivity.

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Omlis Announces Partnership with Digital Pathways

Mobile payments security provider Omlis today announced their partnership with Digital Pathways, a leading provider of data security and leakage prevention services in the UK. Based in the South East of England, Digital Pathways have an impressive reputation for delivering world-class data security and compliance management services across multiple market sectors in Europe.

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Newcastle’s Omlis signs five year partnership with Digital Pathways

Newcastle-based mobile payments technology provider Omlis have announced their partnership with Digital Pathways, a provider of data security and leakage prevention services in the UK.

A five year partnership strategically focused on delivering Omlis’ mobile encryption architecture across key market sectors in the UK, Digital Pathways committed to a partnership with Omlis based on the increasing demand for enhanced endpoint focused security solutions.

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The Cost of Security for UK Business

Computer Weekly

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill to increase surveillance is already controversial, but there are growing concerns over the potential economic consequences.

First announced during The Queens Speech in 2012, the Draft Communication Data Bill, as it was known then, was met with widespread criticism, before it was ultimately dropped during the coalition government in 2014.

With the Conservative party winning a majority government in the 2015 general election, the so-called “Snoopers’ Charter” has once more come to the fore. It was revealed during the Queen’s Speech on 27 May 2015 that a new Investigatory Powers Bill would “modernise the law on communications data”.

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Secure Voice Communications Placement


Businesses are aware of the importance of securing data held on corporate networks and beyond. But too often they overlook the importance of securing their communications and voice networks says Colin Tankard, MD of Digital Pathways.

The convenience and reduced cost of making calls over the internet appeals to businesses large and small. Voice over IP (VoIP) to give its technical name ranges from modest Skype apps on smartphones right up to enterprise wide, fully featured unified communications networks.

While conventional voice calls can obviously be bugged or hacked many users of VoIP forget that a data based voice system is also vulnerable from cyber attacks. Unauthorised access to VoIP data servers can even provide a backdoor into the company’s main networks if not protected.

Yet, in my experience it’s not unusual for VoIP servers to be left unprotected against hackers searching for and finding vulnerabilities. Why is this? Is it ignorance of the dangers or a reluctance to invest in VoIP protection?

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Internet of Things issues

Professional Security Magazine –

In the Internet of Things (IoT), potentially billions of devices will be connected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by the internet, writes Colin Tankard, Managing Director, Digital Pathways.

This will encompass a wide variety and volume of interconnected ‘things’, including smart buildings and cities, physical security controls, cars, planes, medical equipment and devices, consumer devices and industrial control systems.

According to a recent survey by the SANS Institute covering organisations of all sizes, 66% of respondents are either currently involved in, or are planning to, implement IoT applications involving consumer devices, such as smartphones, and smartwatches and other wearables. Smart building systems are increasingly being implemented as operations management systems get connected to networks.

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Time to start practising some Internet common sense.

Business Matters Magazine

There is no doubt the Internet has transformed our lives and will continue to do so. For many of us it’s hard to remember how we did business before the web changed everything.

Some of us even used to write letters and make phone calls – remember those! Meanwhile an entire generation has grown up knowing no other way of doing business.

Yet perhaps we have become too relaxed. While we gain from the convenience and new business opportunities the Internet has given us, another group has benefitted also: cyber-criminals.

Cyber crime has reached unprecedented levels across the world. High profile hacks of companies like US retailer Target and Sony Pictures has demonstrated the resources and sophistication of organised gangs and the impact they can have on the long-term stability of even the biggest organisations. Read the full article here