Data Security Compliance for Commercial, Manufacturing and R&D Sector

Working in a commercial business, especially where intellectual property issues are of concern, provides you with a unique set of issues such as compliance, your need to collaborate with many other parties, internal security, end of life reporting or safe harbor against bad publicity. Deploying robust and secure systems to protect your data is a vital necessity and Digital Pathways are able to assist you create and strengthen your processes.

Having worked with many global corporate businesses, helping them to secure their data, we understand your need to protect your company’s valuable, competitive edge. You will require security to be flexible so as to encourage and not destroy the collaborative working needed  in the development or manufacturing process.

And, you will require solutions to secure data both at rest or in transit that are flexible, transparent to applications and able to accommodate complex situations.

At Digital Pathways we have a range of solutions that can provide you with controls to data without breaking any of your business processes or introducing complex technical procedures that may hamper your business activity.
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