Data Encryption at Rest

In spite of substantial investments by enterprises and governments in IT security and significant technological advancements by security developers, successful attacks on hosts and digital assets continue to grow at an alarming rate. The porous nature of the perimeter is becoming increasingly evident and many attacks are launched from the inside by staff, contractors or outsourced partnerships—perimeter security alone cannot solve this insider problem! Buffer overflow attacks, malicious code insertion, remote application execution and information theft by insiders are but a few of the security concerns that continue to affect organisations. The core of these threats is the data inside the network which is ‘at Rest’. Such data may be on file shares, data storage systems, back up media, laptops, PC’s, PDA’s and removable media all sitting there waiting to be used or in some cases abused.

The challenge is how to protect this sensitive information, obtain safe harbour from data breach disclosure and comply with a myriad of regulatory data security requirements, whilst making the deployment simple and as transparent as possible.

Digital Pathways Data Encryption at Rest solutions provide:

  • Centralised policy management and audit across the distributed enterprise for file systems, databases and applications
  • Application and database transparent data security – eliminating application and database change requirements
  • Strong encryption, access control and key management across platforms, applications and devices
  • Feather-weight security infrastructure for distributed environments and mobile systems
  • Highly configurable security and policy enforcement through granular access control, audit and host integrity capabilities

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