Data Encryption in Transit

Sending unencrypted sensitive information or data over either the internet or untrusted networks can pose a severe security risk, it enables people to eavesdrop on your information as it passes by routers and other computers.

Like most security risks it can be difficult to capture exactly what is being transmitted over the network as you don’t just have to worry about file shares. There are inter-application communications that need to be addressed also, for example database communications, replication links and website to website or website to database communications that need to be secured.

The usual method to secure transmission of data is via point to point encryption technology commonly referred to as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These create a secure tunnel for traffic to pass through and ensure it can’t be viewed. Often a VPN solution brings a user into the corporate network, logging them in and giving the user the experience of being inside the network, just as if they were in the office.

This has security risks if the solution has not been properly configured or the companies security policies are not being adhered to.

We have extensive experience in configuring VPN technologies and can offer several other encryption options for securing your traffic which you may not have considered. Also we can advise on complementary solutions to enhance the security and user experience.

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