EgoSecure 15 Day Free Trial


GAIN GDPR COMPLIANCE WITH Digital Pathways & EgoSecure

The challenge

Due to the widely differing data protection regulations within the EU countries, the EU Commission has developed a general directive on the protection of the data of EU citizens – the “General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.”

The GDPR will become enforeceable on 25th May 2018 throughout the EU and most companies will have to take additional safety measures to meet the requirements.

EGOSECURE compliant with GDPR

EgoSecure Data Protection offers a complete solution portfolio that solves the most important data protection issues at the endpoints, meeting the requirements of GDPR.


Requirements and solution

Article 32 of GDPR – Prevent attacks & data loss – use data encryption
EgoSecure protects these data storage devices by implementing Cloud, Device, File & Folder, Full Disk, Mail, Network Folder, Android/iOS and now Permanent Encryption. We can encrypt your data easily and comprehensively – anywhere!

Article 34 of GDPR – Monitoring of data breach without encryption
EgoSecure monitors data transfer by the Audit function. There is a report of unencrypted file transfers predefined in the platform. And prove that files were encrypted at the point of the breach!

Article 32 and 25 GDPR – Privileged user access control
EgoSecure Access Control and Application Control makes sure that no one can get unauthorised access to applications, devices or specific file types – And stop Ransomware once and for all!

Article 30 and 33 of GDPR – Audit data and monitoring
EgoSecure Audit & Insight monitor data transfer in real time. Sends notification by specific behaviours automatically to a designated authority. Know what is happening with your data at ALL times!

EGOSECURE – a simple  solution

With EgoSecure Data Protection, data is secured at all endpoints throughout the entire business process. EGOSECURE is the first manufacturer in the world to combine the analysis of data and protection modules in one solution. Both are closely linked through one management console, one database and one installation and administration function. This guarantees fast installation and simple administration, as well as a minimal need for user training.

Today data is an absolutely crucial asset for every organisation. Data loss, due to theft or carelessness, can greatly harm an organisation, perhaps even causing it to go out of business.

Don’t blindly protect yourself across the board. Instead, first UNDERSTAND your own data-security situation and then specifically PROTECT yourself against the risks that are genuinely relevant for your business.


Insight collects facts about the data security of your network and displays them in graphs and very detailed tables, meeting the information requirements of both management and administrators. The module therefore provides a foundation so that protective measures do not have to be set up blindly. First, the facts are used to diagnose the requirements for the initial installation of protective measures, and from then on they are used to constantly monitor whether your company’s protection requirements change with time.


The new IntellAct module analyses the facts from Insight and automatically activates protective measures based on pre-defined rules. In addition, it can make comparisons with benchmarks, automatically detecting anomalies and critical situations so that an appropriate response is triggered to protect an organisation’s data. This automatism greatly facilitates the work of administrators and minimises reaction times considerably.

*Please note that IntellAct is an additional module and not part of the 15 day free trial’

Information required for 15 Day Free Trial

  • Name of company
  • Name and email of contact
  • Address and phone number of company
  • Name of Reseller
  • Modules required – Insight in this instance but can be for all!
  • Number of users required
  • Duration required up to 30 days
  • Trial is run in redacted mode (User identifiers are anonymised during trial)*

Nothing else needed but in terms of what the client needs to do to run:

EgoSecure is an instance of SQL or SQL Express (will run up to 1000 users)

  • Server – Ram =100MB/HDD = 5GB
  • Client – Ram = 200MB/HDD = 500MB
  • Package size = 167mb
  • Agent size = 10mb
  • No reboot
  • Silent/network installation

 *Anonymised data can be released if the trial is successful and the client wishes to continue to purchase the solution