Travaware is an innovative application for the traveller, VIP, lone worker or Key staff members. It is accessible on Blackberry, iPhone or Android devices. It provides a proactive, fast, real time reporting tool, which in four easy steps deals with any medical or fire emergency, terrorist threat, pandemic issues, hostage and kidnap, hostile reconnaissance, workplace incidents, intrusions, suspicious behaviour or any other incident when threat or injuries are involved.

Travaware helps to mitigate and deal with the risks associated with these types of incidents, providing your staff with a level of confidence that someone is ready to help if they need it; 24/7. This is especially important to people who are in high risk roles, or who are travelling in unfamiliar or high risk areas. The Travaware application is simple to use and requires little or no training to operate and is highly effective.

Along with emergency advice, the application also provides real time event information on local unrest, natural disasters such as earthquakes and travel advisories from national sources. This enables a traveller to understand the risks associated with an area or country and enable them to take appropriate precautions.

Other information which can be provided is the address and contact details of embassies or local offices or agents associated with the organisation operating the Travaware platform.

How does it work?

The application is accessible, fully loaded and ready to go from the front screen of your chosen device. To activate simply select the Travaware icon, after that it’s simple, quick and easy to navigate around the options and screens to request help, get local information or follow the companies Standard Operating Procedures for any event. If the situation demands immediate assistance, sending a quick alert to a specified group of responders, will enable them to provide support and help in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

Travaware can be personalised and customised to suit the organisational needs or include proprietary information or processes or risk profiles. The incidents can be changed at any time, or additional icons added.

Events may include:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Track me
  • Duress alert
  • Point of Presence
  • Terrorist Emergency
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Pandemic Issues
  • Fire Emergency
  • Natural Disasters
  • Civil Unrest
  • Hostile Environments

………..and many more

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