Introducing Digital Pathways Key Personnel

Colin Tankard – Managing Director

Colin Tankard is the Managing Director at Digital Pathways and has over 30 years of experience within the IT industry.

He has established a number of US data security companies within the European market such as: Axent, Symantec, Whittman Hart, Aventail Europe, Delta Computer Systems and Vormetric.

Colin takes a business approach to data security and strives to ensure the technology meets the compliance or regulatory needs but not at the cost of business efficiency. By taking a practical approach the outcome is more cost effective to the client and the data better secured as the company as a whole uses the technology efficiently rather than fight against it.

Digital Pathways was formed in 1996 and was one of the early pioneers in the remote access market place, addressing the growing need for home working and secure access to company networks. Today Colin has built Digital Pathways into a specialist organisation focusing on encryption and addressing the ‘Insider Threat’. His articles on the data security landscape are widely published in leading business and security magazines and he speaks at many seminars on all aspects of cyber security.

Colin Rumsam – Account Manager

Colin joined Digital Pathways in 2016 after 13 years as a Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police.  He started his career in Hackney Borough and after two years specialised as an Intelligence Officer in the borough’s intelligence unit.  After 5 years at Hackney he moved to Redbridge Borough and qualified as a Detective.

There he spent 6 years investigating a wide variety of crime, from Fraud to Attempted Murder.  He then moved to the Counter Terrorism Command’s intelligence unit, where he was DV vetted.  Colin is unable divulge much about this role but, whilst there he became skilled in Open Source investigation and tracing suspects through their digital footprint.

Colin took a keen interest in Data Security whilst there due to the ever increasing threat of Cyber Terrorism and has spent much of his personal time developing his knowledge of Data Security and is now an asset to our team!

Jacqueline Wilkinson – Marketing Manager

Jacqueline has been working in the technology sector for over 14 years in both Business Development and Marketing roles.

With a keen interest in the Cyber Security and how it affects all businesses large or small, as well as each individual at home or at work and feels that education is key. Most people think that it won’t happen to them and that the information they hold isn’t important. Well, it is.

Her role is to make sure that we provide regular updates to all our clients, followers and contacts, making sure that they are aware of any hacks, developments, research and information from the world of cyber security. Knowledge is key and spreading the word is the job for the marketing department.


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