Our Methodology

The methodology for a safer digital journey

In today’s ever changing technology landscape, most companies are continually faced with compliance and regulatory standards that must be enforced, monitored and a clear audit log available at all times. Digital Pathways can provide solutions to address such data security challenges that are required now and also to enable future proofing the organisation against new or modified compliance regulations or changes to the business environment, such as outsourcing services.

Many organisations grow their security infrastructure over time and with little thought on a structured process. This leads to difficulties in management and control and often results in systems being added which duplicate the same process. This issue need not be the case as the benefit to an organisation in selecting ‘best of breed’ is still the correct method, what is needed is a way to link all these systems and processes together into a cohesive process. This is where Digital Pathways can help, either by complementing existing solutions with others, working with the organisation to develop polices or to install and maintain a completely new structured solution.

The Methodology

Red stop and classify/discover the data and check for any vulnerabilities within the network or application. It is important to know what data is to be secured and where it is on the system. To achieve this we have tools to locate data, scanners to test for vulnerabilities and professional service staff to help you classify your data.

Ambersecure the data. There are many different ways to protect the data. We have solutions for encryption (both server and PC), access control to data, host protection and content control both network and end point. We take a best practice approach as technology might not be the only answer, internal procedures and user education might also be tools to be implemented to secure your data.

Greengo. You should be compliant at this stage. What we ensure is ongoing compliance by Log Management and regular reporting and testing of the systems. If during a report you find an error or the regulation you are working to changes its criteria then the process returns to red to resolve the problem. Hence our methodology demonstrates an ongoing process and development of your security policy.

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