Securing your building operations and the Internet of Things

So-called smart buildings that incorporate the use of a building automation system, provide automated control over systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. They incorporate the use of networked technology to connect such systems to central management consoles for more efficient operation. This use of networked technology has advantages for security as well, enabling feeds from security controls to be fed into the central management system so that anomalies in traffic flows can be seen and remedial action taken in an efficient, automated manner. This is especially important given the range of threats that large buildings and facilities face, from natural disasters to manmade threats, including attackers looking to gain control over network operations.

The nLiten System is a fully bespoke software system that underpins resilience in building management and critical systems across corporate real estate.

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Whether you have a single site or a global portfolio, nliten is a perfect fit for all. The system is designed for flexibility and covers all areas of risk and mitigation for building management, plus it is the first system to link operation risk with data security exposure. This is vitally important in todays connected world with smart systems attaching to data networks. The threat for a breach through any portal is high and in general Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems do not take into consideration sources such as heating or ventilation. nLiten does!

The core applications that are included are unique and will ensure a compliant and resilient approach. nLiten has been developed with a wide range of services attached and is limitless in operational areas. It is bespoke and is built to fit the client’s needs and service expectations.

  • Control Room Day Book
  • Intelligent Task Management System
  • Incident Reporting and Escalation
  • SOPs
  • Mobile alert functionality built-in
  • Management Audit
  • Tutorials
  • Search Filters
  • Risk Audit
  • Primary Alerting System
  • Matrix Library
  • Performance Indicator

The system design means you are able to add package icons as and when your business requires. This approach gives our clients maximum flexibility in their risk mitigation and management.

The key advantages of the system are:

  • Operational Excellence Model
  • Risk & Gap Analysis
  • Real-time Audit and Process Flow
  • Paperless and Prompt Decision Making
  • Accountable Actions
  • Real-time Change Management
  • Improved Productivity Resulting in Commercial Advantage
  • Customised to Your Business
  • Fully Scalable
  • Fully Compliant


In addition to our standard software application packages for nLiten we have nLitenTravel.

nLitenTravel combines the core applications with an added solution created specifically for travellers.

Please see our nLitenTravel page for more information

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