Mobile Security Technology

Omlis is an enabling mobile security technology provider focused entirely around securing the mobile state, delivering technologies that provide absolute protection while sensitive information is in motion. Their highly differentiated technology architecture and encryption development process eliminates any opportunity for unauthorized data access or leakage, whether accidental or intentional.

The infinitely innovative and secure approach to securing the exchange of sensitive data to and from a mobile device over untrusted networks presents an unrivalled encryption technology solution for owners, hosts and managers of sensitive information across the global payments and information management ecosystems including financial institutions, retailers, app developers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Developed from the ground up, the Omlis cross platform encryption provides a massively scalable solution to address the growing issue of FRAUD. In 2014, the total cost of global fraud and cybercrime were $3.7tr and £575bn respectively with cyber criminals continually presenting more sophisticated and complex attacks. Technologies such as SSL and TLS harbour known security weaknesses because they are not mobile centric and further weakened by increased opportunities for human error in the development process which is immensely difficult and expensive to rectify and manage.

Based on a distributed modular architecture and using differentiated sensory inputs, truly random key generation, unique verifier authentication and high integrity development; the Omlis approach offers a completely secure encryption solution.

The Omlis Core encryption technology is:

  • A completely novel encryption method.
  • Constructed specifically for mobile and not vulnerable to cryptographic attacks.
  • Fully integrate-able with existing systems and architectures with very low MCPU data processing requirements.
  • Highly scalable to meet increasing commercial demands.
  • Fully interoperable and completely eliminates any chance for human error when compared to existing technologies.

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