Penetration testing, vulnerability tests, assurance projects, ethical hacking – it all means broadly the same thing; testing a corporate network to determine how secure it is.

Digital Pathways, are experts in this field delivering data security solutions since the mid-90s. We have demonstrated that if our consultants can interact with a system, then its security can be assessed. This could be over a network, the internet, direct access with a keyboard, mouse or touch screen, over wireless or Bluetooth, through USB, FireWire or proprietary port, whatever is required.

Our approach to an engagement is based on our client’s needs but can be as extreme as black box testing, where we have no prior knowledge of the application, white box testing, where we have full system information, red-teaming where we will attack the network to find vulnerabilities or a more traditional structured audit. We can test the unusual, bespoke or new systems or applications so there are generally no limits.

Whilst the systems under test and approach taken vary, it is possible to group up services into disciplines, the consistent theme we take throughout these services is consultative.

By taking time to fully understand our clients’ requirements, it is possible to deliver an engagement that meets them. This makes any test affordable and value for money.

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