Uber Disaster: Here We Go Again

The revelation that the data of some 57 million Uber customers and drivers has been leaked, with the company then paying the hackers $100,000 to delete the data and keep quiet about it, has come as yet another ‘nail in the coffin’ to the data security strategies employed by business – both large and small. […]

BYOE: New kid on the block

The cloud has opened up incredible opportunities and efficiency for businesses. However, with these opportunities there is also an increase in security risks. How can you be sure your data is safe in the cloud? traditional ways of protecting data, such as passwords, firewalls and other defensive strategies are no longer enough. For greater protection, […]

Are you scared of the dark?

“The websites that operate on the dark web don’t look like the sort of thing you might normally access online, according to Colin Tankard, managing director at cyber-security consultancy Digital Pathways.” Online Safety Special Most teachers will have heard of it – and probably associate it with criminal activity – but, asks Simon Creasey, is […]

Who are the attackers?

The headlines surrounding the US Presidential Elections in 2016 often had talk of hacking and subsequent leaking of embarrassing data in an effort to discredit one or the other parties. But just who is doing this? The finger is often pointed at Russia or China. For the Russians, while they remain committed to hacking business […]

Securing Email is Essential

Why mail by electronic must never let down its guard. Ensuring emails are secure is a concern to anyone dealing with confidential information – which of course, includes both the law and finance sectors. However, today, more than ever, it is important, rather critical, to be aware of the dangers of using the usual email […]

How to improve security against email attacks and for GDPR compliance

About 200 billion emails are sent every day, but because of its importance email is constantly exploited by attackers, and yet is often overlooked in cyber security strategies It is not unusual for emails to be used for arranging payments or for submitting identifying documents. “Legal services seem to do 40% of their work on […]

PKWARE partners with Digital Pathways to further UK expansion

LONDON, July 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PKWARE, a global leader in data security, and UK-based Digital Pathways, have announced a new value added partnership. Digital Pathways, established in 1997, specialises in data protection and cyber security. The company works with some of the world’s leading companies to ensure the safety of their data and their compliance […]

Information Security and the Legal Sector

Safeguarding their interests against cyber-attacks should be top priority for law firms. Financial loss is rarely the most detrimental issue for businesses where cyber attacks are concerned. The legal sector is an especially attractive target for cyber criminals due to the wealth of sensitive information held by law firms. a successful cyber-attack has the potential […]