Proof of Concept

A proof of concept (POC) is a demonstration, to verify that the technology we have discussed will operate within the scope which has been proposed. POC is therefore a test that is designed to determine feasibility and operational issues to ensure the solution meets your requirements.

A POC involves extensive research and review prior to any installation and we jointly agree on the success criteria before any dates are set. This work includes examination of the environment we will deploy into and agree on the resources needed on both sides.

Measurable Results

Digital Pathways have created their POC program for clients who want to deploy a solution within their own environment with the assistance of a Digital Pathways Systems Engineer to efficiently validate the technology.

Digital Pathways Engineering will help architect and implement an evaluation solution which will deliver to you:

  • A fully installed and configured data security solution
  • A complete set of documentation and technical materials
  • Applicable data protection policies
  • An evaluation summary to document results and outstanding issues

Our objectives are to:

  • Identify which aspects of the solution are relevant to the evaluation
  • Prepare the evaluation environment in advance of Digital Pathways SE arrival
  • Identify the data and/or hosts to protect with the proposed solution
  • Install software (Windows or Linux) onto a selected group of servers to demonstrate compatibility
  • Install and configure any applicable hardware appliance
  • Create and implement data and host protection policies
  • Document and agree upon evaluation results

Digital Pathways do not charge for a POC in most cases, and do not seek a client to make any commitments to purchase. The POC is designed for both parties to be confident in a successful result.

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