Protected Networks – Information Trust Management in Windows Environments

Reducing data security risk with sophisticated software solutions.

How easily can you answer these questions with your current Active Directory management process?

  1.   Who is accessing which data and why?
  2.   How, and through which group memberships, has an employee gained access rights for a particular directory?
  3.   If we allocate an employee to a different group, which additional access rights will they receive?
  4.   How can I get a quick overview of all rights and set up regular reporting?


  •  75% of the time Windows administrators spend on Active Directory management could be saved
  • On average, there are 60% more access rights assigned within Active Directory than needed

The solution, 8MAN.

8MAN is the complete answer for managing access to data within an Active Directory controlled environment.

The software improves internal data security by providing a transparent overview and full reporting of access rights on file servers, SharePoint and Active Directory, as well as allowing full control of all administrative tasks, such as the creation and management of users, groups and directories.

With 8MAN you get a solution that is built to withstand the steadily increasing requirements of auditing and tracking of user access. It guarantees the documentation of rights-assignments and standardises processes, thus minimising the chance for errors and significantly improving transparency within any organisation.

8MAN can be tailored to the organisation through a variety of configuration options and includes an intuitive, easy to use interface as well as a slim footprint which gives immediate results the same day the software is installed.

Improve regulatory compliance, reduce information risk and trust that your data is secure. 8MAN keeps your company secure from the inside out.

  •  Permission structures can be as complex as each individual company’s structure and interlinks, which is why 8MAN provides accurate and completely customisable views to visualise each relationship and grouping, regardless of company size, location or sector
  •  8MAN is able to analyse even the most complex Active Directory structures with the click of a button eliminating the need for excel, scripts or other tools in favour of a completely integrated and visually intuitive solution
  •  The visualisation of objects within the fileserver, AD and SharePoint environments highlights discrepancies immediately and allows for quick and easy optimisation which is virtually impossible to do within Windows. This is especially valuable in creating awareness of IT security issues beyond the IT department and allows non-technical roles to help ensure the security of sensitive company data
  •  8MAN includes a variety of preconfigured reports, which allows administrators, managers and heads of departments to quickly and easily understand existing access rights
  •  It is now possible to delegate the responsibility of administrating individual directories to heads of departments and data owners, thereby reducing the workload of IT administrators while improving the quality of access rights decisions. 8MAN also allows for the continued management of access rights, even in outsourced, hosted environments
  •  8MAN can provide invaluable support in Identity Management projects by delivering dependable and accurate information regarding the actual access rights situation. It allows organisations to effectively test the gap between what is and what should be
  •  8MAN functions as an important building block in the certification of legal and regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and SOX.

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