Dell – Strong Authentication and User Management – Single Sign On

Dell Software are experts in the field of strong authentication and user management. Their solutions have been installed into some of the worlds largest organisations, from governments to banks and other financial institutions. Their solutions are robust, easy to deploy and exceptionally well supported by tracking changes with OS or market needs and developing their products to meet these changes.


  • Easy to deploy
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Low impact
  • Flexible
  • Standards Compliant

The One Identity Solution delivers multi-factor alternatives to traditional username/password authentication. These solutions build on existing investment and delivering all the security and controls needed without requiring additional infrastructure and redundant management tools and practices.

One Identity solutions for strong authentication include:
Defender which includes comprehensive audit capabilities to support and help manage the strong authentication environment.

Dell Enterprise Single Sign-on empowers organisations to audit all access activities (including what has been accessed, rights, single sign-on profiles, etc.) associated with the single sign-on environment.

Dell Authentication Services extends an Active Directory-based smart card infrastructure to Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms eliminating the need to implement specialised strong authentication tools for those platforms.

Dell Single Sign-on for Java enables Java applications to become part of any Windows-based smart card authentication infrastructure and security practice.
Digital Pathways have been supplying the Defender and Single Sign On solutions for over 15 years providing our clients with a total solution which includes the security and also the connectivity to the network, hence providing a complete Strong Authentication Solution for all remote/home access and mobile needs.

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