Which e-mail clients does the Digital Pathways secure email service support?  

At present, Digital Pathways Secure email supports Microsoft Outlook from 2007 and later (32 Bit versions, 64 Bits beginning with Office 2013), Mozilla Thunderbird from V3 and later, as well as Lotus Notes from version 8.53 and later. Additionally we support iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android based systems. There are also clients for Mac OS and Linux available which can send messages as standalone SMTP client.

What are Digital Pathways secure email advantages compared to traditional PKI (PGP, S/MIME etc.)? 

 Digital Pathways secure email is an alternative method of sending and receiving secure emails.

The key benefit is its ease of use and seamless integration into popular desktop and smart phone email applications unlike other solutions based on PGP or other PKI methods.

The benefits are:

  • Digital Pathways secure email is much easier to administer and to handle.
  • Digital Pathways secure email generates a receipt confirmation.
  • Digital Pathways secure email transactions are traceable and auditable at any time (history).
  • You only have to know someone’s e-mail address to send a Digital Pathways secure email.
  • You don’t need to create complex lists of recipients which need to be locked into your certificate server.
  • Group accounts can be created and formed into teams or individual users and can be managed by the group administrator.

Does the user have to install software? 

No, the user doesn’t have to install software but it is our recommendation to download the client onto your respective email client for ease of use.

Alternatively, a user can generate, send and open secure emails via the Digital Pathways portal.

This is done at security levels equivalent to online banking.

Why is a Digital Pathways secure e-mail smaller in size than the size of the attachments? 

When creating secure email files, the contents are not only being encrypted but also compressed, therefore files can be smaller in size than the embedded original data.

Account Management

Can I deactivate e-mail notifications for registering and receipt confirmation? 

Yes. In the Digital Pathways portal, you will find the required option under “My account” -> “Settings” -> “System configuration” -> un-tick “options” -> under “notification”.

However, it is our recommendation to retain notifications as these are evidence of your compliance to regulations such as GDPR.

I own multiple e-mail addresses. Can Digital Pathways secure email support this? 

Yes. A Digital Pathways account can handle multiple e-mail addresses. The user can enter up to five e-mail addresses using the Digital Pathways portal.

At registration or anytime thereafter, a user is provided with the option to add up to 4 additional email addresses. Each email address will require authentication and activation via the respective email client. Once these steps have been completed the user is able to utilise any of the required email addresses registered on the Digital Pathways portal.

 I forgot my password! 

No problem. Digital Pathways offers a “lost password?” link on our portal login-page. Click this link and follow the instructions.

I will be away for some time. Can I nominate a representative? 

Yes. In order to nominate a person as your representative, this person has to be registered as a user with Digital Pathways.

You can enter the e-mail address of this person in the Digital Pathways portal at “My account” -> “Manage representatives”.

The representative will then be able to open emails that you receive.

Upon deletion of this entry, this right to open emails will be withdrawn immediately.

A representative is not allowed to send emails on your behalf.

What is the best way to get the addressee to use the Digital Pathways secure email service? 

The Digital Pathways secure email service is available free of charge. Inviting a contact to use the service is a simple and easy process.

You can invite a contact from inside the web portal or directly from within your email application via the Regimail Add-In.

Fill in the required information about the new user, add a personal message and press “Invite now“.

The person invited will receive your invitation by e-mail.

Upon clicking the “Accept Invitation“ link, the new user can open your Digital Pathways secure

emails using the web portal. Alternatively, the new user can download and install the secure email software.

Can I transfer secure and binding information without using e-mail? 

Yes. You can create a secure file both in the web-portal and via your installed regimail software without sending it as an e-mail. Instead, you can transport the secure file using USB-sticks, CD-ROM or other media.

Only the desired addressee will be able to open it.

Please use the option “create and download“ in the web portal and download the created secure file.

Alternatively, you may also use the standalone client. Just open it using the Start menu, compile your message and press the second button “create and save regify file“.


Is the Digital Pathways secure email service more secure than an ordinary e-mail? 

Yes, because the content of a secure email is secured by strong encryption and cannot be read by anyone who is not authorised. In terms of security, an ordinary e-mail is only a “digital postcard”.

 Does Digital Pathways secure e-mail end-to-end? 

Yes. The Digital Pathways secure email service secures the complete transport, from the place where an e-mail is generated (usually, the e-mail client of the sender) to the place where e-mail is opened (usually, the e-mail client of the addressee). This guarantees maximum security.

Can the addressee open a Digital Pathways secure email without the sender knowing about this? 

No. A Digital Pathways secure email can only be opened with the right key. Once this key has been retrieved, an automatic acknowledgement of receipt will take place via a notification e-mail. It will also be documented in the Digital Pathways transaction registry.

What if someone knows the details about the secure email technology and procedures? 

Nothing will happen. The Digital Pathways secure email service will continue to be secure. Our multi-level procedure and the secure interaction between user, provider and clearing service ensure total security.

What happens if my activation e-mail was intercepted? 

If you have chosen the account activation procedure via email, then you should change the password immediately after activating it in the portal.

In order to be more secure, please choose the activation by mobile phone, as this cannot be intercepted as easily.

What happens if a secure email to me is intercepted? 

Every file (attached to the Digital Pathway’s secure email) will be transmitted to one or more dedicated recipient’s addresses. A Digital Pathways member who tries to open this file needs one of those addresses assigned to his or her account. If the address is not associated with the account then the file cannot be opened.

Can I protect my Digital Pathways secure email account from abuse? 

Yes, under the Regimail icon within your email application, you will see a drop down arrow. Click the arrow to reveal the drop down options, select “configuration” and from the pop out, select “configure regify client”. This opens a new window and select the “program” tab. Press the radio button “Protect program with password”.

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