nMobile is a powerful and flexible mobile voice recording solution.

Benefits in brief

  • Invisible user experience on any device
  • Highly secure archive, search and playback
  • Simplified integration, management and service delivery
  • Enterprise grade security, FIPs certified with full support

Because we believe in flexibility, nMobile can be used with any mobile handset type, any carrier and with your existing call plan thus keeping things simple. nMobile delivers efficient, secure recording and remote device management without the cost and complexity associated with other, more fragmented or SIM/Network based services. But most of all, this solution allows your staff to use their mobile phones whilst minimising exposure to operational or regulatory risk.

Management and Access

The security manager or authorised personnel can add, edit and remove the handsets that are to be recorded. All media files are encrypted using AES 256bit encryption with all keys stored in a FIPs certified appliance.

Only the persons authorised by the Security Administrator can access the recorded data after confirmation by a second administrator in accordance with the principle of dual control. In addition, access is given only via private key. The data can be listened to, downloaded or transferred to a third party, but cannot be changed or deleted. This maintains non repudiation.

All essential accesses to media data are logged and securely stored for audit and provided to the administrator on demand.

Some key points of nMobile

Recording on mobiles- for Voice,SMS, MMS, Pin to Pin

Worldwide- works anywhere in the World

Network Agnostic – Vodafone, 02, 3, EE etc,..

Platform Agnostic – BlackBerry, MS, Android, iPhone & Symbian

Software Based Solution – means we are flexible and can change things quickly with minimal time and expense

Complete TurnKey Hosted Solution OR

Complete Integration into Clients Existing Voice Storage Solution all in house – client decides

Other Integrations- with any in-house solutions via open API’s

No delays on Windows, Androids, Symbian or I-Phones there is a 2 second delay on Blackberry’s due to conference call set up

Messages – we can add in a message at the beginning of a call if required

Our clients can change devices at any time without any extra cost during their contract

Our price – we can charge a licence fee per phone per month, plus an annual support and maintenance fee, or a perpetual licence fee plus annual support and maintenance (clients choice)

Contracts – flexible 2, 3 or 5 years

Futures – Voice to Text with Monitoring & Alerting, Deal Ticketing Online – plus many more planned

Easy to Deploy, via auto download

Easy to Manage, via web portal

Support, dedicated Help Desk support

nMobile lite (non compliant recording application) a useful tool for busy executives

Why mobile recording?

While compliance makes the business case, mobile recording doesn’t just satisfy your regulators. It can do much more.

Regulatory compliance is driving adoption of mobile recording. Financial Conduct Authority requires all relevant business communications conducted on the mobile phone to be recorded and archived. Regulators across the world are following suit.

Across Europe the EU (2014/65/EU) directive makes provisions for the banking industry across the 28 member states, starting 2017. From then on, all relevant business communication conducted on the mobile phone is to be recorded and archived in all EU member states.

In the USA, it’s the same: The Dodd-Frank Act, will require that finance professionals will need to record their mobile phone conversations in addition to their landline.

But compliance alone isn’t the whole story.

Extended risk management

Client conversations are very often conducted over the mobile phone. Failing to record these calls puts your business at risk by giving little recourse in the event of a post-deal dispute. A record of every call allows both client and company to accurately recall the conversation – improving dispute resolution, increasing client confidence, and reducing risk.

Crucially, mobile recording offers a clear demonstration of regulatory compliance and sound governance to all company stakeholders – from clients and business partners to regulators.

Delivers business continuity

Sole reliance on conventional fixed-line call recording systems can be put at risk by disaster events and travel disruption. They also restrict the ability of employees to work compliantly out of the office or after hours. Mobile recording delivers a compliant environment in which all institutions can mobilise teams and develop effective business continuity plans.

Enables enterprise mobility

Trading is a predominantly desk bound activity, however supporting highly mobile sales teams and managers as they travel across the country or even the world remains a key priority. Doing so, and remaining compliant while engaging in client conversations, requires call recording solutions with extensive support for roaming.

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