Sophos UTM

The Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) system gives you complete security in a single platform. From a fully featured network firewall to endpoint antivirus all managed via a clear management interface.

By using one integrated system the complex issues of security management are simplified, with policies being linked together unlike multiple-point solutions; where each policy is proprietory and so difficult often to link to an overall security strategy. The intuitive interface enables you to quickly create policies to control security risks and clear, detailed reports give the insight needed to improve your network performance and understand what levels of protection are needed.
Consolidated Network Security Platform
Quickly protect your network using proven protection technologies including IPS, VPN, email and web filtering, combined with the simplest administration interface. The software and hardware has been designed to give the throughput speeds your networks need today, and the flexibility to choose the level of protection needed with modular subscriptions. So the system can grow when you need it whilst protecting your investment.
Next Generation Firewall- all the features needed
Complete control to block, allow, shape and prioritise applications. The Deep Layer-7 inspection (Next-Generation Firewall) ensures true application identification for over 600 applications. These are updated automatically but you get feedback on unclassified applications too.
Intuitive management and detailed reporting
It is important to know what’s happening with users and have complete control over all the features needed, but with none of the complexity. Easily build policies while getting detailed reports with the information needed to fix problems fast. The free Sophos UTM Manager allows for central administration of several appliances through a single login.
Connect remote offices with easy VPN and Wi-Fi
Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device) provides secure remote access to off-site locations. It is the first security gateway that requires no technical skills at the remote site. Once installed, it forwards traffic to the UTM for complete security. Sophos UTM also works as a wireless controller; access points are automatically set up and receive complete UTM protection.

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