Reduce Your Attack Surface and Protect Your Crown Jewels

Unisys Stealth

At Digital Pathways we understand that your network is very complex and protecting your ‘crown jewels’ is a constant challenge.

In todays interlinked networks it is often difficult to separate out data and servers in order to protect them from unauthorised access. Often the only way to do this is to separate the physical networks and close them off with internal Firewalls creating ‘Air Gap Networks’ but this becomes complex to manage and significantly increases the cost of network operations.

A recent study estimated the cost per Firewall modification at £135.00, with an average of three changes per week. Given most medium size networks have around 100 Firewalls the basic cost of these changes cost well over £2m per year!

So taking a multi Firewall approach is not an ideal route. What is needed is a way of protecting your critical data from the inside out, in a simple manageable way, to make the servers go dark; effectively disappearing from the network. Then creating communities of interest (COI) which are either users, devices or both; which are allowed access. These communities would see the servers as normal but to the rest of the world the servers are not there.

This technology is available now, called Stealth, it is multi platformed, protects on site or cloud based architectures and can be accessed through any device, even mobiles.


Reduce Your Attack Surface

Stealth is an innovative, software-based security solution that:

  • ​Hides communication endpoints making them undetectable to all unauthorised parties inside and outside the enterprise
  • Deploys with no disruption to your existing IT infrastructure, and is transparent to authorised users or services.
  • Strengthens access control by user identity and not physical devices, so security moves with the user making it easier to control
  • Protects data in motion from compromise or eves dropping through AES encryption
  • Reduces operational costs by consolidating networks, servers, and cloud architectures or services.
  • Eases the complexities of regulatory compliance such as PCI and CoCo by simple deployment of Stealth into existing environments
  • Quickly reacts and adapts to meet emerging business and mission critical requirements as they happen
  • Helps executives future-proof their security investments by aligning with enterprise transformation trends

Protecting your ‘Crown Jewels’ is an innovative solution against cyber attack. If you would like to know how we can help please get in touch or fill out the form & we will get back to you.

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