Here are some basic tips on how to protect yourself from webcam hackers

  1. Enable a firewall :- this will prevent unauthorised internet users accessing your network/pc.
  2. Anti-Virus :- Using a good quality anti-virus can avoid many virus’s and security issues.
  3. Spyware Detection :- having a firewall & anti-virus isn’t enough, a spyware detection program will prevent someone spying on you via your webcam.
  4. Use a security key :- if you are using a Wi-Fi connection then make sure you have a security a WPA2 long password enabled.
  5. Keep your PC/Mac software up to date:- the updates contain recent security fixes and are essential for your computers security.
  6. Use a good webcam:- you can get webcams with an LED light to identify when the camera is switched on and in use and use a lens cover.
  7. If your webcam plugs in to a USB port, unplug it when you’re not using it.
  8. Close the laptop and power it off. Keeping your laptop powered allows attackers to use your machines Microphone as well as the webcam.
  9. If your antivirus software suddenly stops updating or stops automatically scanning you are likely a victim of a piece of zero day malware, install different AV software to check.
  10. Reduce risky online behaviour, searching for porn online is the NUMBER1 way people get infected.
  11. When you set up your user account DON’T use the administrator account. Most pieces of malware exploit the local users privileges to install and cause mischief, if you have no privileges you kill most malwares ability to do damage.


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