What Makes Us Different

Our people – The Digital Pathways team are a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals that have one thing in common. Our training and experience ensures that our solutions fully meet your business requirements. And this, along with our ethos of sharing knowledge and experiences amongst our highly trained staff, allows us to provide something that’s often promised, but rarely delivered – quality answers to all your stringent business requirements that modern day organisations demand.

Our commitment to quality – is second to none. It is achieved by critical attention to details. We know that the smallest flaw in the security of your computing infrastructure can cause huge damage in terms of cost and down time to both company and personal reputation. The quality of our solutions is backed by some of the world’s most successful security vendors. It is our commitment to quality that ensures that companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland continues to seek our advice and solutions to their evolving business demands. But our commitment does not stop with the provision of the solution: the quality of our service provided by our fully staffed in-house support centre ensures continued care for our customers.

Our philosophy – is to deliver manageable and effective solutions to enable businesses to thrive and excel within their fields in a forever evolving and fast changing world. We strive to achieve this professionally, enthusiastically and efficiently based on solid merit and not on marketing hype. We strive to work together as a team, to care about our customers, their business demands, to treat each customer with the highest level of confidentiality, to fully research and present the best solutions, to ensure we understand all the technical and business issues. We strive to help the world we live in be a secure and safe place. We care!

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