Securing email is essential

Colin Tankard, Managing Director, Digital Pathways, examines why email is now such an essential communications and collaboration tool for both employees and consumers

According to the Radicati Group, there are currently more than 3.7 billion people using email on a worldwide basis, which it estimates will grow to more than 4.1 billion by the end of 2021. Part of this growth is anticipated to come from the migration of premise-based mailboxes to those based in the cloud.

The development of email was a revolution in communications. As a result, email has become the single most used application for the typical corporate user and is the primary method for sending information in and out of an organisation.securing

Emails contain a great deal of sensitive and often confidential information. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, up to three-quarters of corporate intellectual property is contained in emails and their attachments, as well as other sensitive information such as customer data, product and marketing plans, and corporate financial data.

Because of the importance of the information that emails often contain, it is vital that they are handled in a secure manner so that information is secured in order that compliance with regulations, such as those pertaining to data protection, is managed effectively.

While the need for email security is a must, and is often enshrined in law, it is also essential that security measures do not impede users so that they are able to communicate and collaborate with others freely without falling prey to data leakage or exfiltration.

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