Data Protection Regulations Loom

Publication of the long awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU Regulation is expected around July 2016 so now is the time to take action according to Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security company Digital Pathways.


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Fund boards hone in on cyber security

Irish fund boards are putting plans in place to ensure they can deal with both internal and external cyber security breaches.

Following the publication of best industry practices last year, boards have taken several measures to make sure they can manage and mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

In September 2015 the Central Bank of Ireland sent a letter to the fund industry, issuing guidance on cyber security policies and governance.

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Insider Threat Mitigated with Partnering of Digital Pathways & ObserveIT

London:  March 2016, data security specialist, Digital Pathways, has teamed up with ObserveIT, providers of insider threat management solutions.

The Insider Threat issue has become one of the major concerns surrounding data protection today.  According to Verizon DBIR 69% of reported security incidents involved an insider with detection with such an attack taking some 32 months to unearth. Read more

FSB Cyber Article – Under Attack

Small firms are increasingly finding themselves the targets of cyber-criminals, who see them as easy and unsuspecting targets. It’s time to take the online threat more seriously, says Jo Faragher

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Smart Buildings on the Rise

For buildings to be truly smart, physical and data security must converge, says Colin Tankard, pictured, Managing Director of data security services company Digital Pathways


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Into the Breach

High-profile hacks have promoted cybersecurity from a backroom IT issue to a boardroom headache. But what opportunities does it represent for investors, asks Joy Dunbar.

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The Security Dangers of Home Networks

Most companies take reasonable steps to protect their networks from virus attacks, but one area of vulnerability that is often overlooked is infection from employees’ home networks.

The risk of malware infection from employees’ home networks is real and should not be overlooked.

“It is something we are coming across more and more,” says Colin Tankard, CEO of Digital Pathways. “Devices are being exploited and [companies] find that something unusual is going on. It is only when they do a little bit more investigation that they realise somebody or something is monitoring what they are doing.”

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Health Business Magazine – Understanding the Security Issues of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) was first envisaged in the last century. It is a vision whereby potentially billions of “things” such as smart devices and sensors are interconnected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by the Internet or other IP-based connectivity. Read more

BVCA Journal – Into the breach

The BVCA Journal is a quarterly publication that gathers insights from key individuals across the worlds of business, media and politics and puts them into an overarching theme relevant for all members of our industry.

In the cybersecurity section Colin Tankard talks about the ‘Hot Topic’ that is cybersecurity.

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Protective Marking Helps Manage Data Loss Risks

Read our latest article in Counter Terror Business Magazine on how Protective Marking can help manage Data loss risks.

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