2016: Cyber Predictions

Colin Tankard, Managing Director of digital security company Digital Pathways, told Comms Business his predictions for 2016 when it comes to new or increased threats to look out for.

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2016 Cyber Predictions

2015 saw a record level of cyber attacks, of all kinds, ensuring that the issue of cybersecurity will remain firmly at the top of many Boards agendas. Colin Tankard, Managing Director of digital security company Digital Pathways, outlines his predictions for 2016 when it comes to new or increased threats to look out for.

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What can we learn from the Talk Talk hack?

The TalkTalk hack is reputedly going to cost some £35 million in one-off costs, according to the company.

But it will not stop there. Reputational damage, share price drops, the loss of customer trust and loyalty, the list is likely to go on and on.

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What the Investigatory Powers Bill means for the telecommunications industry

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill could have major implications for telecommunication companies operating in the UK

On 3 November, UK home secretary Theresa May unveiled the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which is planned for discussion in 2016 and not expected to come into law until 2017. Read more

Cybercrime Affects The Whole Business

Growing levels of cybercrime are not only the IT department’s responsibility says Colin Tankard. It may be that your organisation has not yet suffered a cyber attack. This may be down to good luck or simply that no-one has noticed yet that confidential data is being sucked out of the company. Read more

Winner of the Innovation Award 2015

Digital Pathways are proud to announce that we have won the Business Innovation Award at the recent Heart 4 Harlow Business & Community Awards in partnership with the Harlow & District Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 8th October at the Manor Groves Hotel.

Our presentation in September to the judges showed how we had identified a gap in the data security market and as such we had developed our solution nCrypt, which is our Data Encryption Managed Service Solution.

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The security dangers of home networks

Computer Weekly

Most companies take reasonable steps to protect their networks from virus attacks, but one area of vulnerability that is often overlooked is infection from employees’ home networks

The risk of malware infection from employees’ home networks is real and should not be overlooked.

This is illustrated by the example of a small company that was infected by the Sircam virus a few years ago. It was easily done when an employee took his laptop home to continue working.

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“Keep calm and carry on” is not an option

Attitudes to data security must change if businesses are to guard against cyber attacks, writes Colin Tankard

The headlines may be about cyber war and digital Armageddon, but cyber attacks affecting businesses of all sizes and are on the increase. Criminals know that electronic crime offers fast returns, with a much-reduced chance of being caught. The growth in cyber crime coincides with the explosion in the number of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Meanwhile, social media and the web have become integral parts of life.

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The security issues of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) was first envisaged in the last century, but interest has picked up in the past 15 years or so. It is a vision whereby potentially billions of ‘things’ – such as smart devices and sensors – are interconnected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by Internet or other IP-based connectivity.

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Omlis Announces Partnership with Digital Pathways

Mobile payments security provider Omlis today announced their partnership with Digital Pathways, a leading provider of data security and leakage prevention services in the UK. Based in the South East of England, Digital Pathways have an impressive reputation for delivering world-class data security and compliance management services across multiple market sectors in Europe.