Cybersecurity and compliance are inextricably linked by laws, fines and loss of reputation, but how can business leaders understand the real needs and issues their business face?

Proof of Concept

So we have shown you our secure data management solution, but will it work as you expected and with your data, let us prove it by doing a Proof of Concept onsite and free of charge.

Cyber Check-up

Uncertain if you have all the security holes plugged, or want to double check what order to do things in to be secure, our free Cyber Check-up is the answer for you.

Secure Data Management & Data Leakage Prevention

Digital Pathways has over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and protection industry.

Our experienced team specialises in designing and implementing secure data management solutions. The system ensures prevention of data leakage, whether at rest within the network, mobile device or storage or indeed data in transit across public or private networks.

Our goal is to assess the clients’ organisational cybersecurity protection needs and match the appropriate managed security solution to meet the business or regulatory requirements challenging the client. Often this necessitates a change in business process or modification to existing systems, rather than new technology.

We have provided data leakage prevention services for many companies, big and small, including banks to finance and manufacturing industries. We tailor our cybersecurity systems and solutions to meet your businesses every requirement and we ensure you’re completely satisfied.

  1. Are you meeting all the compliance regulations required for your business?

Digital Pathways consultants have the experience to analyse your systems and business processes to work with you and your staff to confirm compliance.

  1. Are you worried that your company’s ‘Crown Jewels’ are at risk of data theft?

Digital Pathways have a secure data management service that can protect all your digital assets wherever they are stored and hide critical servers making them invisible to hackers.

  1. Who can see your network? What could they learn?

Digital Pathways Stealth technology gives you the ability to make your servers go dark and only visible to authorised users or applications. You can’t hack what you can’t see!

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) shows how Smart devices can be used to monitor activity, but what about Smart devices in your building such as heating systems, could these be turned against you?

Digital Pathways nLiten technology constantly monitors all Smart devices within your buildings and alerts your teams to network or system attacks, providing real time workflow structure based on your company’s operating procedures.

Any questions relating to cybersecurity and protection give us a call today on 0844 586 0040.