Cyber Security Sectors

Cybersecurity and data privacy is a risk for every organisation in all industries and market sectors. Digital Pathways has worked with businesses large and small to offer solutions to protect their digital assets. Our consultants have worked in the IT Security industry for over 20 years providing unbias and professional recommendations for all our clients, large and small on how best to protect their businesses and their data. Not only do we provide recommendations and consultative support but we have the technical expertise to offer professional services on an ongoing basis not just for the implementation of products during installation. Whether you are looking for a layered approach to your data security or a one-off solution; we have the knowledge and people to support you every step of the way.

It is our priority to establish an understanding of the individual security requirements for each of the sectors we support, whether manufacturing, finance, education, legal…… the needs of our customers come first and we strive to provide the right solutions and/or products that are fit for purpose. We are able to do this because we are an independent organisation choosing to work with only the best of breed products and partners. As part of our service offering for all sectors and industries, we provide consultation and advice on compliance, PCI DSS and GDPR.

Managed Cyber Security for Sectors

In addition to this, we have created a suite of ‘award-winning’ managed security services for all those businesses that do not have the internal resources or budgets available to offer enterprise-level security at a cost-effective monthly fee.

Please visit the nSuite services page here to find out more.

Included in our managed services offering, we now provide a Virtual Data Protection Officer  (DPO) role. We are able to work closely with all areas of the operation and management, compliance and legal teams to identify legal and regulatory obligations.