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WhatsApp hack and Stuxnet worm very similar

Global Security Magazine, May 2019: The WhatsApp hack is very similar to the Stuxnet worm, first uncovered in 2010, says Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security firm, Digital Pathways. The WhatsApp debacle seems to allow spy software to attach itself to phones via the call function. It was spread by an advanced cyber actor […]

Why Cyber Essentials is essential

Professional Security Magazine online, April 2019: It is a universal truth that we all have to take the security of our data to heart, whether personally or commercially, writes Colin Tankard, pictured, Managing Director at the data security company, Digital Pathways. Trying to help us do exactly that, the Cyber Essentials tool kit, a UK […]

Can your data be held hostage?

Info Security Magazine April 2019:     It seems as if we are awash with ransomware stories these days. Many caused by users inadvertently clicking on a link within an email triggering the ransomware program and hey presto, the user is then unable to access their data without paying for it. Ransomware victims paid an average […]

IoT regulations: fact or fiction?

Network Security Magazine, March 2019: New gadgets and, increasingly, connected homes, vehicles and even smart cities open up a whole host of possibilities. Connected devices now control entire homes and offices, including door locks, children’s toys, cameras and medical products. All are available and connected through the Internet, making access very convenient for the user […]

Using simulated disaster management to tackle the security skills gap

Computer Weekly Magazine March 2019: With the increasing need for cyber security professionals, organisations are turning to new ways to address the skills gap facing the security sector Academic qualifications, such as Cyber Security & Computer Forensics BSc (Hons) and Cyber Security MSc, provide cyber security professionals with the necessary knowledge for their career, but […]

Connectivity in the smart city

Smart Cities World January 2019: Smart buildings and cities are becoming less of a rarity, attracting both tech-savvy entrepreneurs and established businesses. The smart city environment fosters thriving communities, where businesses can excel and their people can work happily, achieving their full potential. More than this, they help businesses to cut costs, streamline operations and […]

Marriott hit by hack but where was their log management?

Global Security Magazine December 2018:   Marriott International Inc is the latest hack to be announced and this one could be the largest breach in corporate history. Details of some 500 million guests were accessed from the company’s reservation database at its Starwood unit. This included passport numbers, mailing and email addresses and even some […]

The Future of Network-Connected Device Security

Computer Weekly December 2018: The proliferation of poorly secured network-connected devices has prompted the UK government to publish new best practice guidelines. Do these go far enough? Wireless functionality has improved workplace efficiency and organisations are no longer restricted by cabling access. Unfortunately, many of these devices are poorly secured and rarely have their firmware […]