Encryption is the most effective way to improve data security, by converting electronic data into another form; called cipher text.

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Analysis and Audits

Data Analytics covers a broad spectrum of techniques and technologies, giving organisations the ability to create a baseline for normal activity.

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Managed Services

Digital Pathways Managed Security Service, nSuite, offers functionality that can smooth out many of the problems involved with managing data.

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About Us

Digital Pathways is an award-winning data security provider that helps businesses protect their digital assets.

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We can help identify software and services which can enhance your security systems and processes.


While knowledge might be education’s most valuable asset, today most of the knowledge is stored electronically.


We work with many international Financial institutions assisting them to secure their data.


We understand your need to protect your organisation’s highly sensitive and personal information.


As with most sectors it is not if, but when your law firm will have a cyber security breach.


We understand your need to protect your company’s valuable, competitive edge.


Our data security solutions are flexible, transparent to applications and able to accommodate multiple situations.


In the past decade, media and communications companies have embraced digital technologies.

A Trusted partner in cyber security

Digital Pathways Group was founded in 1996 through the acquisition of Digital Pathways (UK), a wholly owned company of Digital Pathways Inc based in Mountain View California.

About us