Digital Security Solutions for SME’s

Often a hacker can remain on your system for months, gathering data, exploiting your network and gradually making their way up the chain.

The small to medium enterprise (SME) owner tends to think they have little or no data that is at all valuable and, as a result, issues of digital security are therefore not important for them. Even some of the more ‘tech savvy’ directors consider that the data they hold is inconsequential and worth very little to a potential hacker. And, as often there is no requirement under PCI rules for SME’s to have security, as they don’t hold credit card or payment details on their network, this view is strengthened.

However, this attitude masks the true intention of the cyber-criminal, which is to enter the network of third parties, i.e. your clients, who may well be holding and storing valuable information. The cycle then continues, as network after network is infiltrated, and potentially far more damaging breaches occur further on in the chain.

The most popular response to a potential hack is to revert to a backup. A good idea, if you can pinpoint the exact moment you were infiltrated…..

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