Assuria – Log Management

Hundreds of major Government, Defence, Financial Services and other Commercial Organisations around the world use Assuria security and compliance solutions to maintain control over their IT configurations and to satisfy operational, regulatory and data security requirements.

They operate in five key areas:

Security: Hardened, trusted systems (in physical and virtual worlds) with operational security controls in place.

Optimisation: Stable, known configurations – operationally efficient

Compliance: Verifiable compliance with international standards, internal policies and accepted good practice.

Auditing: Secure, centrally stored forensic audit trails from the entire IT infrastructure.

Monitoring: Efficient, automatic monitoring and reporting of system changes and significant system events

Assuria Log Manager (ALM)

Designed to meet the requirements of enterprise wide management of audit logs generated by systems, devices and applications. ALM is equally applicable to installations with ten systems or tens of thousands of systems.

Operating systems, system software and applications have for many years had features to write audit logs to record events, data or actions taken. The benefits of using log data are well known to IT professionals who have used the information contained in logs for diagnostics and to verify actions taken by software, often as the first steps in problem identification.

Assuria Auditor

An independent security configuration assurance, vulnerability assessment, change detection including file integrity monitoring and policy compliance reporting system for enterprise servers.

Assuria Auditor measures, manages and enforces security policies across a wide range of operating systems using a host-to-network view of critical systems and servers. Assuria Auditor assesses host security, detecting and reporting system security weaknesses. Assuria Auditor’s methodology simplifies the creation of system security baselines for users, groups, shares, services and critical system files, and easily fits in with existing business processes. Fully scalable for enterprise installations, Assuria Auditor manages large agent populations, with an optional web interface for distributed security management.

Assuria have over 350 major enterprises in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia who use their products to manage information security, risk and compliance. Given Digital Pathways has clients in many diverse industries including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, Government and defence, Assuria’s flexible and scalable approach is ideal in addressing these market sectors and has proven a real benefit to many of Digital Pathways clients.

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