Data Protection Audit and Event Management

A full and complete log is becoming more and more important in managing, diagnosing and preventing problems within a network both static and mobile in the case of PDA’s and Blackberry’s. Couple this with the need to prove compliance with the multitude of regulations, both commercial and government, the need to store log data for a period of time, recover it in a timely manner and produce comprehensive reports means that companies need to consider carefully the way in which such data is handled. Furthermore the ability to monitor what is happening within a network and alert appropriately is a business benefit as it can reduce in house incidents which often mean loss of data, down time, bad publicity and more.

Having the ability to store audit information and reporting on specific areas can significantly reduce the time for audits to be completed. It has been proven that providing the reports which an auditor requests during a investigation quickly; can provide the evidence they require to complete their tasks. This reduces their onsite time and hence can save the company significant money on audit fees, disruption to the working environment and reducing staff time in working with an auditor.

Increasingly a tamperproof audit is becoming necessary for companies to meet legal requirements for audit management. In these cases, for example criminal investigation, the benefit of being able to prove the audit data has not been tampered with could be the key to winning the case.

Understanding what is happening, or about to happen within a network can enable companies to prevent the failure, or diagnose the cause quicker and hence bring back the network to full functionality with the minimum of disruption. If one takes the case of mobile devices, these are increasingly being used as the prime source of communication (both voice and data) and so ensuring that these networks are functioning to their optimum is vital, especially since most of these devices are used by key staff, senior executives and Directors the cost to the business of these people being out of contact is critical.In this case our Blackberry solution for example can ensure a company is aware of a potential problem, how to rectify it and step the organisation through the process of resolving the problem all before it happens.

We offer various solutions which address the integrity of your audit trail from all of your log sources, we can analyse and report on events enabling you to reduce incidents of downtime, increase response time on serious breaches and increase the performance of your network, enabling you to concentrate on the efforts of your business instead.

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