3 Business Benefits of 2 Factor Authentication

Passwords are the weakest link in digital security. They can be guessed, captured by hackers logging keystrokes, or stolen by social engineering techniques. Additionally, individuals are often guilty of writing them down or using passwords that are easy to remember. For businesses, this is bad news. Unauthorised users exploit the weak protection afforded by passwords […]

Secure Email: Simplified

Despite the clear benefits of secure email, organisations and individuals continue to send unencrypted emails around the world, risking their digital security and email privacy. Relying on unencrypted email is the digital equivalent of sending a postcard in the mail. Before landing in your recipient’s inbox, regular email travels through servers all over the world. […]

How Can You Increase Your Wi-Fi Security? Here are a few simple ways…

Failure to implement basic Wi-Fi security practices is leaving organisations vulnerable to digital security threats, yet there are simple steps you can take to increase your protection. Separating guest Wi-Fi access Free guest Wi-Fi is no longer a perk, but an expectation. Whether customers are visiting the bank or barber, their local coffee shop, museum, […]

Rethinking Cloud Storage Platforms for Business

In the rush to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud storage, organisations are failing to consider the legality and security of these solutions. Dropbox, OneDrive, BT Cloud, and Google Drive are used every day by millions of individuals and organisations around the world. However, entrusting the same third-party cloud storage provider with your […]

Bluetooth: How Vulnerable Are You?

Serious Bluetooth vulnerabilities, affecting Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS users, were announced this September. Discovered earlier in the year, the public announcement was postponed to provide vendors time to introduce security patches for their software. The 8 identified vulnerabilities have been collectively named BlueBorne due to the nature of these attacks happening ‘over the air’ […]

European Move to Increase Liability of Online Platforms

Proposed new European regulations seek to place an unprecedented onus on online platforms to detect copyright infringements. The move comes as part of wider consultations on the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy. What is being proposed? Article 13 of the proposed directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market addresses the use of protected content […]

Tackling the Man in the Middle Attack

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has announced an industry-wide action plan to tackle push payment scams. Push payment scams are the second biggest cause of payment fraud in the UK, claiming £100m from 19,000 people between January and June this year alone. The consequences can be devastating for individuals and businesses alike. So far, financial […]

Are passwords the weakest link to your data security?

Removing the Barriers to Two-Factor Authentication It shouldn’t come as a surprise that passwords are the weakest security for authentication. Organisations cannot afford to rely on passwords alone as their primary method for verifying user access to their crucial systems and data. In the quest for greater protection from ever-increasing threats, digital security hasn’t always […]