nSuite Group of Products

nSuite is a group of managed service products all underpinned by nCrypt which brought enterprise level data encryption to any size of business. nCrypt agents are deployed onto any server, even cloud based, and selectively encrypts files or databases based on policies which are created on the Security Server appliance which is located in our data centre.

nCrypt provides the encryption for all the modules in  nSuite which include:

nSIEM: a log management and reporting tool which collects log data locally to the target servers and feeds all log entries into the management platform which is located in our data centre. From this data we correlate information and produce reports or alerts which are emailed to selected groups or individuals. All logs are stored in a raw state for audit purposes and protected by nCrypt for non-repudiation purposes.

nLiten: a building management and control room system which enables organisations to centrally manage physical security, CCTV, entry systems, daily tasks and DR. Further more nLiten can take feeds from data and other sources to provide centralised log management, incident reporting and escalation crisis management.

nTravel: a mobile application for remote/lone workers, overseas travellers or security guards and provides up-to-date critical information on the local area, international incidents, standard operating procedures, hostage or threat alerts, point of presence and location tracking. nTravel ensures that any user follows company agreed procedures for incidents and ensures the company remains compliant and follows good governance procedures.

nMobile: a mobile application to record inbound and outbound calls, SMS or MMS messages from a mobile phone. All calls and messages are stored on a secure platform and are encrypted using the nCrypt platform. From the dashboard authorised users can access all recordings and download them for investigation. However no recordings can be deleted or modified thus the integrity of the recording is ensured.

Each nSuite product is purchased individually and can be tailored according to a customers needs by our professional services team.

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