CASB+ Cloud Security

Digital Pathways CASB+ platform is based on the award-winning service from CipherCloud.

The platform provides deep inspection, end-to-end protection, advanced threat protection, and comprehensive compliance measures for organisations deploying cloud-based services. The cloud-native CASB+ platform provides end-to-end data protection, ensuring confidential and sensitive data remains protected at all locations – in the cloud and on users’ devices. The service enables companies to adopt any SaaS, PaaS or IaaS knowing their data will always be protected. The addition of the AnyApp function allows for easy integration with custom developed cloud applications without any complicated tools or application modifications.
Our data-centric CASB+ platform links with hosted or hybrid networks, and extends the definition of CASB to add end-to-end data protection with major enterprise SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications.

Key Points

Transparent Workflow Experience. Extensive data protection capabilities are transparent and seamless to the user experience.

Integrated Data Protection. Provides turnkey integration with many SaaS applications, ensuring field level data protection for your major enterprise applications. It includes encryption, tokenization, data masking, data loss prevention and much more.

AnyApp for Custom Application Support. AnyApp allows customers to integrate data protection capabilities for their custom cloud-based applications. The application will enable enterprises to ensure custom applications will be able to protect data regardless of their chosen cloud platform. AnyApp allows customers to bring their custom cloud-based applications the benefits of encryption, tokenization, dynamic access control, DRM, UEBA, threat prevention and many other security features.

CipherCloud CASB+ also includes the full suite of CASB capabilities including:
Data Security. Provides industry-leading tokenization, encryption, and comprehensive key management with the flexibility to address any mix of security requirements. Our data protection, data loss prevention, native device management, secure offline data access, automated PII anonymisation, and HSM support are available in one scalable platform.
Threat Protection. Advanced protection to identify and stop threats that are being shared through cloud-based services. Included are capabilities such as adaptive access control, user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), and virus/malware protection.
Visibility. Complete visibility for your enterprise cloud usage. The cloud discovery and analytics quickly discover shadow-IT activity (i.e., where users are sending data to cloud-based storage outside the company control), while providing a report on the risk of each cloud service used, so that the IT team can take steps to address issues immediately.
Compliance. Enable cloud applications to be compliant with a wide range of current and pending global privacy and compliance regulations. This includes PCI, PII, HIPAA, GDPR, and much more.

What are the Benefits

Benefits of the Digital Pathways CASB✛ Service
Speed up Cloud Adoption. Move to cloud faster by overcoming cloud security, data privacy and compliance obstacles.

Increase Cloud Visibility. Discover cloud usage, data movement and user activity to reduce data loss and compliance risk due to shadow IT.
Reduce Cost of Ownership. Centrally controlled, easy-to-deploy hosted or hybrid platform to meet all enterprise cloud deployments, giving end-to-end data protection.

Minimise Data Breach Risks with Industry Standard Data Protection. End-to-end data protection to ensure data in cloud applications or cloud platforms is never unprotected.

Be in Control. CASB+ brings a unique and powerful encryption key management capability that is always in the customer control. This eliminates 3rd party employees viewing your data and takes away the risk that a 3rd party is forced by law enforcement agencies to release your data. If you hold the key, you decide when the data is decrypted.

Enhanced Collaborative Governance. CASB+ provides a full solution for the sharing of information with 3rd parties, including comprehensive monitoring and auditing of all cloud activity.

Improve GDPR Readiness – Simplify your cloud-based application adoption by removing the worry of remaining compliant.

Connectors for Enterprise SaaS Applications

CASB+ also includes built-in application connectors to support many popular cloud-based business applications including
• SAP SuccessFactors
• ServiceNow
• SalesForce
• Office365®
• Adobe®
• Box®
• DropBox®
• SAP Hybrid Cloud
These connectors provide data protection while preserving application functions and ensuring compliance beyond the SaaS application provider’s offering.
PaaS ecosystem applications offered in each provider’s marketplace are also protected by the CASB+ platform, providing customers with greater control and visibility over which data is shared with these third-party PaaS providers.

Digital Pathways CASB✛ Advantages

Transparent Workflow Experience. Extends data protection transparently and seamlessly to the user experience, ensuring application workflows are not affected.
AnyApp Connector. Customers can integrate powerful CASB+ protection for sensitive data within their custom cloud applications.
Application Data Protection. Provides deep levels of data protection within popular SaaS applications.
Hybrid Architecture. A single platform can support multiple SaaS, PaaS and IaaS clouds, and any mix of hosted, on-premise or hybrid deployments.
Enterprise Integration. Complete integrations with EDLP, EDRM, SIEM, IAM, SSO, EMM, NGFW and many more are available.
Encryption. Full End-to-End Data Protection. Encryption at rest, in-flight, and in-use.
Zero Trust Key Management. Full support for HMS and multiple on-premise keys enables you to address compliance requirements.
Native Device Management. Limit authenticated users by device type so that access is done only from trusted computers.