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Digital Pathways have partnered with Regify, a trusted e-communications service provider, to offer our clients patented and security vetted audited cloud technologies and products that enable organisations to communicate, collaborate and transact securely and verifiably on any digital channel utilising their existing infrastructure.

Our secure services can be used as standalone products or integrated into workflows, simply and securely. These patented solutions offer secure encrypted email as well as a secure document storage facility for collaboration with colleagues, clients and trusted partners.

Secure email is available in two flavours, private and professional, detailed below. Both versions offer a secure, traceable email service fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


The Digital Pathways secure email service protects messages from unauthorised access and renders e-mails trusted and binding, providing security and trust in business communications.

For the sender of a binding Digital Pathways secure e-mail, the sending process is as simple as sending via any other email service, with neither the sender nor the recipient having the need to change anything with their existing e-mail service.

  • Turns regular e-mail into a secure electronic communication
  • Saves up to 75% of the cost and time when compared to registered mail
  • Works with any e-mail address ie, gmail etc
  • Ensures traceability, creates an audit trail through confirmation of receipt and read
  • Can be traced online via the Digital Pathways transaction register
  • Makes ordinary e-mail compliant with the Data Protection Act & GDPR
  • Integrates into daily business life, e.g. into existing e-mail solutions
  • Can be used on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android
  • All stored data is held in the UK on ISO27001 certified Data centres.
  • No emails are stored by Digital Pathways or the clearing service

Step 1: Sending 

  • Our technology encrypts your e-mail (message text and attachments) and compresses it before sending as an ordinary e-mail with an attachment.
  • This attachment is a secure file with the encrypted contents of your original e-mail.
  • The encryption key is transmitted securely and encrypted to the Regify data clearing service via Digital Pathways.

Step 2: Receiving 

  • In alignment with the Regify data clearing service, Digital Pathways ensures that the recipient is the right person and will transfer the key.
  • As a result, the recipient can open the secure mail file and is able to display or store its contents.
  • This is as simple as, for example, opening a pdf file with Acrobat Reader.

Step 3: Confirmation of receipt 

  • When the key is delivered and the secure mail file opened, Digital Pathways will notify the Regify data clearing service.
  • The Regify data clearing service will notify Digital Pathways who in return, via e-mail will notify you about delivery of the secure mail file.
  • Confirmation of receipt is recorded independently of the notification e-mail.


In addition to our secure email service we are also offering a secure document sharing facility.

Making documents available securely to a group of users, keeping all revisions auditable is an important task for most businesses and when collaborating on projects. Protecting these documents with our secure document sharing solutions is easy.

The document/s owner will invite members and assigns user rights, upon accepting the invitation the user will be provided with access to the shared document folder.


All data stored by Digital Pathways is encrypted with a unique key. Digital Pathways cannot access the data, contents and does not know the file names.

Any changes made to the file/folder are automatically synchronised and all transmission are secure, with all encryption and decryption taken place automatically on the client side (PC or mobile device).





All regular tasks like create, copy, paste, move, change and delete within your files and sub-folders are completed as part of your normal workflow.

In addition to this, all related tasks such as invitations, restoring files and versions, can be completed using your Digital Pathways secure document manager.






User-friendly administration with minimal effort

  • All data is stored within the UK & any back-ups remain in the UK
  • Data protection on all levels with end-to-end encryption using AES256 industry standard encryption
  • Anonymised key management via a trusted, independent third party
  • Digital Pathways has no access to data
  • Automatic registration of a Regibox and its members
  • Registration information deposited with a trusted, independent third party
  • Verification of registration data on demand at any time
  • One Regibox for an organisation or one per group or task
  • Operational flexibility with options for public and private cloud
  • Integration into business applications via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Available for all major software platforms
  • Mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop
  • Multiple authentication options

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