How will new internet surveillance measures affect business in France?

ZDNet article By Frances Marcellin
A shared digital space requires trust, so why has the French government introduced stricter online surveillance laws and how will it affect business users of online technologies such as the Cloud?
Since the tragic attack on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s editorial team in Paris on 7 January 2015, the French government has been seeking greater support from technology firms to improve online surveillance. During his speech in the wake of the attacks, Manuel Valls declared that France was “at war with terrorism” and stated that “strengthening measures” would soon be introduced that “relate to the internet and social networks”. Read the full article here

Does the cloud offer an operational advantage to small businesses?

Business Matters Magazine

The cloud is everywhere, changing the way we live. Increasingly the television and movies we watch are delivered from cloud based applications like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV service. Many of us listen to music streamed from the cloud on our mobile.

Web based services like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 deliver office applications that once resided on PCs, along with automatic backup and storage of documents. They also offer very useful sharing capabilities for collaborative working. For very small businesses the low cost and simplicity on offer are highly attractive. Read the full article here