Machine ID Management and Digital Transformation: Building a Secure Future Webinar

Machines already outnumber the humans on your network, which means every machine needs a trusted identity. Consider IoT devices, mobile devices and software-defined workloads and applications – trusted identity for each and every machine is critical.

As zero-trust and multi-cloud architecture become the norm, the role of machine identities in enterprise IAM (identity and access management) has reached critical importance – each needing to be managed and protected. The stakes are high, and keeping ahead of outages, key theft or misuse and internal and regulatory audits is a serious challenge.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss:
· The use (and misuse) of machine identities in organizations today
· Implications of machine IDs on data privacy and protection
· Strategies and recommendations to manage machine identities
· How to operationalize your strategy with a Crypto Center of Excellence (CCoE)

How to stop Phishing Threats for Office 365 Webinar

Digital Pathways have been in the Cyber Security market for nearly 25 years and seen a continuous rise in data security breaches. Our suite of products and services enables our clients to monitor their security posture, balance business risk with cyber risk, and achieve a cost-effective way to keep their data safe. With over 91% of Cyberattacks starting with a phishing attack, getting your email defences right has never been more important.
Today with Cyren, we will address why and how to stop phishing messages making it past traditional Secure Email Gateways and reaching users’ inboxes. Cyren Inbox Security deploys directly into the Office 365 inbox where it can continuously monitor emails and when a new threat is discovered it can automate response and remediation across every mailbox.
In this webinar, we will look at:
• Why Microsoft 365 ATP and EOP give many security teams a false sense of security
• Which kinds of evasive phishing are likely to bypass Microsoft 365’s conventional defences
• Why you need an additional layer of email security that automatically reduces the number of email threats reaching your employee

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Is your Internet of Things device in danger of being hacked?

Could it be that someone or something is hacking into your TV, your fridge, or that new connected voice command speaker in the corner?

The Internet of Things may be fatally flawed, according to cyber-security experts, with over 400,000 devices being reportedly hacked in recent days in what has been called the largest such attack on record. Now, experts are calling for greater scrutiny of IoT devices.

Earlier Robert Van Egghen spoke to Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security provider Digital Pathways.

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Contrarisk Security

Do too many small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) believe that security is something only big firms need to worry about? In this interview, Colin Tankard, managing director of Digital Pathways, explains that, indeed, many firms believe themselves to be too small and uninteresting to attract the attention of hackers.

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Comms Business Awards

Official Comms Business Awards video 2015, where Digital Pathways were proud sponsors of Channel Sales Person of the Year, winner Kyla Stack with a very entertaining David Walliams as the evenings host.

Digital Pathways Interview Lawrence Dietz

A short interview with Larry Dietz on: Cyber Security, EU Objectives, Consequences, The Patriot Act and Top Tips for CEO’s