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And the winner is….

Yes, Digital Pathways have done it again.

Data security company, Digital Pathways, have been named as the winners of the prestigious ‘New Product of the Year’ category of the Computing Security Awards, 2017.

New Product of the Year 2017

Proving yet again; the fable of David & Goliath. A small company with great ambition and belief in what they do.  Winning Computing Security Magazine’s New Product of the Year 2017 for the nSuite of products is an immense achievement, up against some of the giants in the IT & Security industry, proving that size doesn’t always matter. Read more

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Encryption: What Does It Mean to BYOE?

The cloud has opened up incredible opportunities and efficiencies for businesses. However, with these opportunities, there is also an increase in security risks.

How can you be sure your data is safe in the cloud?

Traditional ways of protecting data, such as passwords, firewalls, and other defensive strategies are no longer enough. For greater protection, encryption protects your data from being accessed by anyone without the corresponding key. Data that is encrypted with a key, can only be deciphered by the same key. Read more

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What are the benefits of Managed Security Services for your organisation?

Managed cloud services remove the need for organisations to perform many specialist functions in-house, providing access to essential digital services in a way that is cost-effective and convenient.

The downside is these services can leave a company’s data vulnerable to theft, tampering, or even seizure by government authorities and law enforcement agencies. As a data owner, you could then be subject to large fines, negative publicity and possible business collapse.

Encryption is the only way to protect your data. Data that has been encrypted is unreadable to those who are not authorised to access it. It also allows monitoring and reporting on who, or what is accessing the data and when. Read more

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Third-Parties. What are the risks to your Data?

Over 600GB of unsecured customer data was discovered on an Amazon cloud database last month. The records belonged to approximately 4 million US Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers. The data, which had been set to allow public access, rather than limit access to administrators or authorised users, was discovered accidentally by a digital security company while investigating an unrelated breach.

According to a report published after the discovery, Broadsoft Inc, a third-party communications company engaged by TWC, are to blame for the breach. Read more