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Preparing for the Internet of Things – The Car Hacking Scandal

Once upon a time security could be confined to an office space, with only trusted computers used and protection reserved for those behind your firewall. IoT has changed all of this, and security is now being asked to spread outside of these perimeters, something that most businesses are simply not capable of doing. Read more

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“Keep calm and carry on” is not an option

Attitudes to data security must change if businesses are to guard against cyber attacks, writes Colin Tankard

The headlines may be about cyber war and digital Armageddon, but cyber attacks affecting businesses of all sizes and are on the increase. Criminals know that electronic crime offers fast returns, with a much-reduced chance of being caught. The growth in cyber crime coincides with the explosion in the number of digital devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Meanwhile, social media and the web have become integral parts of life.

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The security issues of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) was first envisaged in the last century, but interest has picked up in the past 15 years or so. It is a vision whereby potentially billions of ‘things’ – such as smart devices and sensors – are interconnected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by Internet or other IP-based connectivity.

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The Risk of Cyber Crime – The UK Vs the USA

Throughout the combined histories of the UK and the USA, with the latter that much shorter than the former, it is safe to say that the Americans have attempted to lead the way when it comes to revolutionary acts around safety. Their stance on cyber security is no different and the UK faces falling way behind when it comes to protecting itself against online threats unless it attempts to keep up with its partner across the Atlantic. With the Americans pushing forward in their attempts to protect against attacks, security will be tightened and cyber-crime, in theory at least, directed elsewhere as a consequence. Read more

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What is the true cost of a cyber attack?

Sony Entertainment Pictures – Recovering from Hacking?

Last year saw perhaps the most high profile cyber-attack in history. Sony Entertainment Pictures was the target, ‘punished’ by the hacking group ‘The Guardians of Peace’ for their planned release of the film ‘The Interview’, in which Hollywood stars Seth Rogan and James Franco plan to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un. The major media and electronics group were shown the power of the hackers when 47,000 records from employees were compromised, and several top upcoming film titles and trailers were released early. Read more