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How To Avoid the Bait of Phishers

When it comes to cybersecurity attacks, by far the most common is that of phishing. This form of attack is performed by criminals who acquire sensitive or personal information from victims through the use of deception. Hundreds, if not thousands of emails will be sent out to unsuspecting recipients and made to look as if they have been sent by a reliable source, for example, a bank or some other trusted organisation. In reality, this is a rouse in order to gain access to your confidential data, such as usernames, passwords or credit card details, or, failing that, they may instead look to utilise your mail server and send emails to your contact list.

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Cyber Security Seminar

Digital Pathways are holding a Cyber Security Seminar on the afternoon of the 1st March with keynote speaker Nick Alston CBE (Police & Crime Commissioner for Essex), along with key industry specialists in security.

Guests are asked to arrive for registration from 1:00pm with presentations  starting from 1:30pm. There will be a break at 3:30pm for refreshments, at 5:30pm we would like you to join us for drinks and canapés and an opportunity to network with professionals from a wide variety of industries.

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Why Using Third Party Firms is a Risk to your Data

When it comes to digital security, the use of third party firms to supply you with IT solutions is generally a risky option. A third party firm is anyone who you pay to supply IT services, and that has access to your data. You may rely on a company to store certain documents, for example. The risk here is that your data is exposed to their system administrators to view, share and, should they choose to, sell. This potentially valuable data could find its way into the hands of your competitors, and cause irreparable damage. Read more

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2016 Cyber Predictions

2015 saw a record level of cyber attacks, of all kinds, ensuring that the issue of cybersecurity will remain firmly at the top of many Boards agendas. Colin Tankard, Managing Director of digital security company Digital Pathways, outlines his predictions for 2016 when it comes to new or increased threats to look out for.

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The Dangers of Software As A Service

The cloud is a fantastic piece of ingenuity. The ability to store huge amounts of data away from your machine creates a wealth of space, as well as ensures that your documents are accessible from anywhere on the globe. The cloud as a concept is a brilliant one and gives companies the ability to sell software as a service. Rather than simply sell a customer a storage device, they are able to instead charge an ongoing rate. Big industry names, such as Salesforce and Sage, are such big hitters in the market thanks in part to their ability to utilise the cloud to create a more seamless experience. Everything about the cloud seems to work. Everything except its security.

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