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What can we learn from the Talk Talk hack?

The TalkTalk hack is reputedly going to cost some £35 million in one-off costs, according to the company.

But it will not stop there. Reputational damage, share price drops, the loss of customer trust and loyalty, the list is likely to go on and on.

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Viewing Digital Security like Health & Safety

In digital security terms, 2015 has been the year of the major corporation hack. With Ashley Maddison in September, Carphone Warehouse in August and now TalkTalk, Weatherspoons, VTech and Marks and Spencer all in the past month, yes, 2015 really has been an incredible year for highlighting the ineptitude and naivety with which the companies we trust hold our personal data. Despite how things seem though, these ‘leaks’ may actually be a blessing in disguise and good news for individuals, as well as bad. Read more

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The Impact of Hacking on TalkTalk

When a cyber-attack hits a major, national company, the affect it has is obviously widespread. TalkTalk are one of the more recent cases were a data leak has created scandal in the media and, more importantly, severely impacted on people’s lives. The attack is likely to cost the company up to £35million, with 157,000 customer’s having suffered from their personal details being leaked, from addresses and phone numbers, to bank accounts and sort codes. Read more

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What the Investigatory Powers Bill means for the telecommunications industry

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill could have major implications for telecommunication companies operating in the UK

On 3 November, UK home secretary Theresa May unveiled the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which is planned for discussion in 2016 and not expected to come into law until 2017. Read more