Single Pane Of Glass Security Platform Now Available

Cybercrime is an increasing threat to both business and the individual.  In fact, it is estimated at currently costing some £4billion per annum, a figure that will continue to grow.

As a result, there have been a plethora of defence solutions flooding the market place and this has caused its own difficulties, in that the cyber defence solutions environment now requires significant maintenance, relying on a limited skill pool.

On top of this, regular routine tasks like reconfiguration, additions, conversions and migrations have become increasingly time-consuming and expensive.

Subsequently, not only have costs have been rising but the defence environment has become hard to both manage and control.

Help Is Available

SIEM systems help, providing a way to manage, correlate and deliver context from the many alerts generated by normal and abnormal network activities. It is often bolstered by Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), which leverages the power of automation to add consistency in operational security processes and can provide huge cost savings and efficiencies.

 A Universal Cyber Defence Platform

But now, Digital Pathways can offer a universal cyber defence management platform to meet these challenges.

The iCyber-Shield Platform can:

*   Reduce the cost of defence maintenance and management

*   Reduce the meantime to detect and react to threats by at least 70%

*   Give total one-stop management control of all cyber defence resources

*   Efficiently and economically manage change

*   Enable a platform for migration of devices and systems without downtime or risk

*   Allow best of breed choices

*   Control custom application and legacy devices

*   Facilitate the automation of many cyber defence tasks

*   Ensure compliance to regulation (PCI etc).

It provides the ability to view and manage all cyber defence resources through one ‘pane of glass’, as well as exercising control, which makes the execution of routine tasks such as reconfiguration, migration and extension virtually a ‘one-click’ operation.

It also introduces the capability of automation of routine processes and the possibility of AI guided defence management actions to improve threat detection and resistance.

Through ‘Playbooks’ we can enable the threat landscape faced by any organisation to be handled in a way that matches business dynamics on a day-to-day basis. For example, during peak times the drive to take off-line critical systems can be outweighed by business drivers. In these cases, an alternative approach to protection might be required, such as introducing a ‘honeypot’ to divert the attack, giving the organisation time to deal with the threat, whilst maintaining a level of business continuity.

 Gaining Control

The iCyber-Shield capability will enable enterprises to gain control and management of their cyber defence environment economically, and effectively, thus dramatically reducing the risk of damaging and expensive cyber attacks.

If you are looking for a single ‘pane of glass’ cyber defence solution, this could be the answer.