Computing Security Awards 2017

Digital Pathways are very proud to announce, that following nominations for the Computing Security Awards 2017, we have been confirmed as finalists in the following categories:

Encryption Solution of the Year – (nCrypt – Managed Encryption Services)

SME Security solution of the Year – (nCrypt – Managed Encryption Services)

New Product of the Year – (nSuite Managed Security Services)

One To Watch

Here’s how you could help us win the above award.

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Person writing in a diary personal data

Data: When is it personal?

Data protection is not fundamentally a data issue, but a human rights issue. As such, data protection legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) always relate to processing personal information.

To understand your legal obligations, it is necessary to understand what is considered personal data. This is an area that can cause confusion. An individual’s name? That’s certainly personal information. But what about an email address? Or a photograph? Or an ID number that, when combined with other information you hold, could be used to identify someone? Read more

Personal Info data breach

A Personal Information Data Breach Story

Our director, Colin Tankard, recently identified a personal data breach in action when buying a new car.

In the process of buying the car, Colin received poor service from a main dealer and when he complained about this, he didn’t receive a response.

He did receive an email from the car manufacturer’s marketing team inviting him to complete an online survey about his experience and, like many surveys, offered the chance to be entered into a competition. Read more


How Can You Protect Your Business Against Malware?

Ransomware, viruses, and malware. No business wants to find themselves the victim of a cyber-attack. Often these malicious pieces of software enter the network via a backdoor attack, allowing cybercriminals to break into the infrastructure without being discovered.

Once inside the network, they can lay quiet for weeks or months before activating, making them even harder to detect. All the while it is moving around your network, seeking to find super-user credentials, elevate its privileges, and access vital data.

So how can you stop something you don’t even know about? Read more