Blackmail for a digital age ……

Ransomware is a particularly malicious form of malware that gains access to a user’s system and then proceeds to prevent them from accessing their own data. In some cases, the files on the system are encrypted so as to be irretrievable without the key and, in others, access is simply denied to the device’s owner. In both situations the hacker will demand a ransom is paid to un-encrypt the files or have access given back to the user. You could say it is traditional blackmail revolutionised for a digital age.

Ransomware is generally distributed via email, with the recipient inadvertently clicking on a malicious website link, or opening a harmful attachment.

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The Danger Within……

While many security professionals and budgets are focused on threats from external actors, the insider threat looms large. According to Vormetric, 89% of organisations are at least somewhat vulnerable to insider attacks. It states that privileged users are considered to be the most dangerous, primarily owing to their access to systems and information considered to be particularly sensitive.

This is echoed by research from those Ponemon Institute, which found that almost half of respondents believe the insider threat to be growing.

The insider threat can come from those inside the organisation that have had their credentials compromised, or are negligent or malicious. Increasingly, external actors are looking to gain a foothold on the network through social engineering exploits, often stealing credentials of a victim within the target organisation.

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Why are cyber-attacks on the increase in the Legal Sector?

Statistics from PwC’s 25th annual Law Firms Survey show that cyber-attacks on law firms in the UK increased by nearly 20% between 2014-15 and 2015-16, with 73% of the top 100 law firms being targeted by cyber-attacks.

Holding a wealth of sensitive information, it is easy to see why the legal sector is an attractive target for cyber criminals and hacktivists.

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Law firms are being attacked – Are you prepared?

Threats to cybersecurity are a concern for every industry and business. However, the legal sector remains an especially attractive target due to the wealth of sensitive information held by law firms.

Patent data, merger and acquisition information, negotiation information, and protected witness information are just some examples of sensitive commercial data and intellectual property that are highly desirable to cybercriminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored parties.

It is easy to see why legal firms are rich with opportunity for these groups.

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Our Data Security Predictions for 2017

‘this year has been a year of high profile hack after high profile hack. It seems we still are to learn the lessons of the vital role of data security procedures in order to keep ourselves safe’, says Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security company, Digital Pathways. Here, Tankard outlines his predictions for the data security world in 2017.

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Are you classifying your data?

All organisations handle information that is sensitive and confidential, which provides them with a competitive advantage. The need to secure information is more pressing than ever, with increasingly prescriptive mandates that demand protection for information and, increasingly, sophisticated criminals for whom such information is a goldmine, writes Colin Tankard, pictured, Managing Director, Digital Pathways, a data management product company. Read more